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Welcome to Indigo Bureau, your London and Dorset-based Virtual Assistant providing office admin support to small businesses. If you’ve got to the stage where your business is growing, but you find yourself bogged down with admin and distracted by paperwork, then it sounds like you need a Virtual Assistant.


This is the perfect time to contact me to discuss how I can help!

How I Can Help

Outsourcing your admin to me means you don’t need to pay for a full-time employee and the associated overheads. By offering you the services that I love doing (possibly the ones you don’t like doing, or don’t have time to do yourself) I can take away some of the pain of office tasks that are a necessity to all businesses, but probably not the most productive use of your time.

Creating easy to understand spreadsheets


Creating, updating and maintaining filing systems

Expense reconciliation & bookkeeping


Creating Word Documents and Online research

Transcription, Audio typing & Proofreading

Collating business card info into a manageable system

How Much It Will Cost


By the Hour

I charge an hourly rate of £30. I track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice so you can see the full breakdown.


By the Project

Sometimes it’s easier to set a fixed price for a task, such as quarterly expense reconciliation. Prices are dependent on the scale of the project.

As a Retainer

If you know you’d like regular support, then a retainer is the perfect choice. Paid up front, this allows you to budget and extra hours can be added if needed.

How it Came About

Hi, I’m Judi Evans and I set up Indigo Bureau, turning my many years of experience in the fashion industry into a bespoke virtual admin service.

I’ve worked in Design, as a retail Buyer and as a Sales Account Manager. Over that time, I managed sales and design teams, created management systems, presented product at director level and travelled over the world sourcing fabrics and generally being inspired.

But I’d always longed to work for myself. What I really enjoyed, and was really good at, was devising systems and creating order and clarity out of chaos. I’m figures-orientated by nature and love being challenged with administrative chaos and turning it into something organized and easy to manage. Want something created on a spreadsheet? My kind of heaven!

So, setting up Indigo Bureau to help others with administration nightmares is the perfect solution.


Brian Campbell, General Manager

What I love about having a virtual assistant is the opportunity it not only provides to ‘catch up’ on tasks that matter but don’t necessarily repeat, it also brings great flexibility with maintaining our accounts and records. Judi is extremely well organised, consistent and professional. She is thorough and brings a level of detail that we were otherwise missing. I would highly recommend her services to any small business needing experienced support.

Snow Peak UK

NH, London

I’m a self employed writer who works across a variety of media. I had long found the paperwork for my yearly tax return to be overwhelming but when I became VAT compliant, I knew I would be unable to cope. I was worried about the time involved as well as skyrocketing accountant’s fees in London. That’s when Judi Evans at Indigo Bureau stepped in and like a fairy-godmother magically made all my paperwork headaches disappear! She manages my VAT, my Quickbooks, my expenses – cash, business, personal – by setting up a system that was easy for me to manage, took minimal time and has turned my accounting into a breeze. She is conscientious, detailed, trustworthy and she has turned what used to be such a stress into the easiest thing in the world. I could not be without her now, and cannot recommend her enough!

Rakhee Shah, Owner

Being a small business owner, there is only so much you can do that is within your remit (or so you think). I met Judi at a business networking event where she was talking about spreadsheets and receipts, something I actually love doing as I have a Business Analysis background. I finally let go of my accounting stuff and found an accountant to do my account but was also in need of a VA. Having spoken to Judi and how she could help me, it was a no brainer to get her in to help me with my business.

In Oct 2018, I went from being a sole trader to a limited company and my accountant told me I needed to use an online accounting system in line with the new tax regulations coming in. A part of my business is selling supplements to my clients and keeping a good record of stock that comes in and goes out. Having spoken to Judi about it, she told me that the software I use has this functionality in it and could she set it up for me to see how it works. OMG this has been one of the best pieces of work Judi has done for me and my business and what a time saver it has been for me too. I don’t need to think twice about what the price of the product is as Judi has set all this information up for me and the system shows me how many I have in stock so I know when to re-order. The magical part is when I place an order, send Judi the sales invoice and by magic the new ordered products are uploaded/updated into the system.

Judi’s love for spreadsheets, receipts, accounting help, admin support is so evident that I am so glad to have her helping me in my business. My business coach always says “do the bits that you love and help you serve your clients and delegate EVERYTHING else out”. This is so true and being a control freak was hard but having seen what positive changes Judi has brought about, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Judi whatsoever.

Thank you Judi from the bottom of my heart.

Fertility, Bump and Beyond

Margaret Morris, Director

We are a small catering business which means we need to keep track of incredible numbers of small invoices and bills, both for our own purposes and for compiling our VAT Returns. Two years ago we were drowning in bits of paper until we were rescued by Judi, who in an incredibly short time created order out of chaos. She is calm, patient and flexible – always ready to fit in with our needs. No-one was more grateful than our accountant who has found it much easier to deal with our PAYE needs, Vat Returns and Annual Company Reports since we handed over our record keeping to Indigo Bureau.

Crouch Hill Kitchen Catering Company Ltd

Gina Savanhu, Owner

Judi Evans of Indigo Bureau is very trustworthy, reliable and efficient. She provided me with holiday cover while I was away, checking my post and passing on all urgent messages and post to me. This meant that I was able to work remotely with Judi’s help, and as a result I was able to seamlessly return to work as if I had not been away.

GDS Immigration Law

Leanda Walters, Creative Director

We are a small fashion company and, as such, we decided that full time admin support to help with the buying process would not be cost effective. This is a twice-a-year job, the process of which is stressful, and during these periods I need help and support.  

Through recommendation we met with Judi from Indigo Bureau, and booked her in on relevant days to assist with all administrative aspects of placing our orders. The project worked extremely well and Judi is now booked to work with us again for our next buying season.

In particular I found her calm logical approach and fantastic attention to detail very cathartic during what is usually a hectic time. There is no way the orders would have gone in on time without Judi’s help. I was particularly lucky because Judi bought to the task all her previous knowledge and expertise from her previous career in the fashion industry.

I hope that this continues to be a long and fruitful arrangement for both of us.

Beigeplus Ltd

Denise Cuddigan, Osteopath

Judi Evans came to the rescue when I had to pull together a mailing in a very short time. Judi was calm, professional and extremely efficient. She updated the spreadsheet, formatted letters and envelopes, and was all round a fantastic help, doing everything to a high standard and really promptly. I would totally recommend Judi for any small business owner needing help with a one-off project or regular admin support. Thank you Judi

Denise Zucker, Owner

We needed help to cover during the holiday period and someone mentioned a VA. This is a brilliant idea as this is a completely flexible service: you have a professional stepping in when needed. It is ideal for small businesses, with limited number of staff. Working with Judi was a pleasure. She was very thorough and quickly up to speed and we know that you can rely on her when the business activity requires an ‘extra hand’.

Dr Sophie Rumbelow, Owner

I was overwhelmed by the admin side of running my business and wanted to be able to delegate and concentrate on the parts of my business that need and require my most attention. I have absolutely loved working with Judi. Her attention to detail, spotting things I could easily miss and efficiency has been a dream to have her on board and help. If you are a small business and trying to do everything yourself, a VA is essential. It’s like a 3 tonne weight has been lifted when you can delegate and not do absolutely everything yourself. It’s been amazing having Judi on board!

Atlas Chiropractic

Nicky Grace, Owner

I’d like to recommend Judi Evans of  Indigo Bureau as a brilliant PA. She came and helped me wade through and organise piles of receipts in a quiet, non judgemental, highly professional and pleasant way. She’s very nice to have around and didn’t make me feel embarrassed by my antiquated filing system. She puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommended and I don’t dread doing my taxes quite as much now knowing that she’s on hand, silently typing away.

The Green Shed N10

Stuart Bishop, Owner

I looked for VA assistance when the growing admin work became a problem and I needed a fast and efficient solution to things being offloaded. My main concern about hiring a VA was overcharging and having to trust their time sheets and work they say they are doing.

However, I don’t have either of those concerns with Judi on board. She has given me greater freedom to be able to get on with other important work, and I know all what is trusted to Judi is getting done and dealt with professionally to a very high level. The work just gets done without any fuss or problems, I know Judi is doing her best for me and my company.

If you’re thinking about hiring a VA, if they are like Judi then go for it, so make sure you get someone highly recommended especially if they are dealing with financial details and working to deadlines.

Love Rudeye

Wendy Boast, Owner

I was looking for a VA to help with dealing with bookings and enquiries for my holiday cottages, so that I could go away myself and switch off. Judi has been excellent. She has dealt with email correspondence and telephone calls with my customers, potential customers and my team with great professionalism, responding effectively and in the appropriate manner. She made everything clear to me at the outset of how her services work and the cost of her services and she provides detailed reports of the work provided. Judi is easy to work with and I would highly recommend her. I will be definitely using her services again in the future.

Peak District Accommodation

How can I help?

Let me know how I can help your business, and look forward to handing over the tasks that are taking up your valuable time.

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