Introducing the new team member


As I’m working with more and more clients here at Indigo Bureau, I thought it was time I got some help.   

My new colleague isn’t that great at typing, and would probably struggle to pull your expenses together. However, he has brought countless positive changes to my working life so it’s only fair that you meet him.

And here he is – Douggie (@DouggieTheSchnoodle).

All the doggie details

Douggie is a Schnoodle (Mini Schnauzer + Poodle). 

When I got Douggie, he was 8 months old. A rescue dog, he was a little nervous when he arrived, but he quickly adapted to a new home, new smells and his new name.  He’s very small but has captured my heart in a big way.

Over the last few months I’ve learned that he doesn’t mind drilling or other loud noises, but a leaf falling in front of him will send him into a mad whirling barking frenzy. 

After some training, he’s now learned to sit, lie down and come to me.  That’s not to say he doesn’t ignore me sometimes – he finds friendly dogs to be irresistible, and loves rolling around and sniffing them.  He’s only 10” tall, with a head the size of a tennis ball, but he likes nothing more than playing with big dogs. The bigger the better!

Douggie is asthma and allergy friendly and has a lovely nature. Fantastically portable, travelling on the tube and bus are easy with him, and he’s happy just looking out of the window.

Douggie loves new toys, beds and food, and spends many hours playing with his favourite squeaky ball. He sleeps in my room and, apart from the odd 5.30 am wake up call, he’s very good company. 

And I thought my working life was brilliant before….

Since I’ve had Douggie I’ve been getting up much earlier and doing a lot of walking, which is great thinking time. I’ve had client meetings in dog-friendly cafes and have even taken Douggie to meet clients’ dogs in their offices. He’s proven to be a brilliant conversation starter and is a joy to be around.  As you can tell, I’m rather smitten.

So, if you see me wandering around North London with Douggie, please come and say hi.  And if your business admin is driving you barking mad, and you want to meet with or without Douggie to discuss how I can support your business, please get in touch.